Big Business vs. Small Business… Part I

Big Business Smll Business

After wrapping up a conference call on the subject of business leadership and values, I received two questions which I’d like to answer here. To paraphrase:

1) Why do I spend so much time on small business, as opposed to big business?

2) Are these principles transferrable to the large corporate environment?

I’d like to answer the second question today, and the first one tomorrow.

The principles that I teach, and spend seventeen hours a day with, are applicable to every area of your life in which you have a leadership role. This is just as true in your family and personal life as it is in your career. You will be a better leader… period.

That said, the large corporate environment certainly has its own unique set of dynamics… and often has to be broken down into bite-sized chunks. True leadership within the ranks of the largest companies is often quite restricted, and can be non-existant at the managerial level.

For example, unless your sitting in the Chairman’s seat, your vision, values, goals, and activities will likely be subservient to someone else’s. That’s fine, as long as your values and those of the organization’s leadership are not in conflict. Still, you may find it difficult to reach your true potential within the very limited span of a division, department, or team.

Even the Chairman or CEO are ultimately held to the values of the Board of Directors… who only hold power at the will of the shareholders. If a board member’s values are in conflict with the shareholders… they get a new board member.

And so it goes… now back to the second question. The answer is yes… to a point. Because true leadership requires casting vision and instilling values, which must come from the top.

So, my advice is… get to the top… learn everything you can, and then apply it in your own business. Start small… but start now.


I look forward to speaking with you.


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