Better Networking… Part IV


So, if the purpose of networking is to build a network, then what is the purpose of building a network?

The majority of the time that I ask this question of small business owners and service professionals, I get the same answer… sales. While this should be an indirect outcome, I have a different answer.

The purpose of building a network is to develop relationships… the best of which will ultimately make up your team. As a small business, it’s the influence of your team that positions you to capitalize on, among other things, your well-defined market niche.

How…? Because every member of your team, whether they are in your target market or not , knows people who would be ideal customers for your business.

So, we network to build relationships. We network to build a diverse team. We network to use our influence for the benefit of others… and we alternately receive the benefits of their influence.

Networking is about influence.


In a recent discussion about credit, I asked several people if they had a banker on their team. The answer from each was a resounding ‘yes’! Then I asked if the banker knew he was on their team… and the response was less enthusiastic. Was he initiating discussions about short-term solutions… or was he hiding? Or, better yet… how many referrals did he recommend last month?

You see, the bank may or may not be a potential customer… however, they know tons… literally… tons of ideal customers for you. But first, three things must happen:

1) They must be on your team… and trust you completely
2) They must know exactly what your ideal client looks like
3) You must prime the pump… give referrals to them first

A referral from a respected source gives you the influence of that source. At sixteen, I received a job on the sole basis of a letter I carried from a trusted and well known businessman who said he could vouch for my character. That’s it… the word of a respected source.

Over the years, we’ve done tens of millions of dollars in business in the same fashion. If you find a better way… please send a link.


I look forward to speaking with you.



What three people would you love to have on your team?

How are you going to get their attention?

What will you do to prime the pump?


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