Is This Place Safe…? Part I

Chllenging the Status Quo

“How’s your safety record?”

This could be a question you’d expect from a Worker’s Compensation specialist… but it’s not.

It could be referring to the physical environment of your workplace… but alas… we’re speaking of something else.

The safety I am referring to today is in the emotional environment… the thought-environment, if you will… where ideas and innovation either thrive… or die.

Winning companies know that in order to grow, they must develop
a record of safety in that space; a culture that rewards creative thinking, sound judgment, and the courage to take calculated risks.


As small business leaders, we set the tone for our entire organization. The degree to which we are willing to collaborate with our staff, our customers, and our suppliers will determine the level of input and new ideas that are brought to us from others.

Authoritarian types, on the other hand, tend to resist change… and new thinking. They have a very personal stake in maintaining the status quo that they worked so hard to create.

One thing, however, is certain: Sooner or later, some forward thinking entrepreneur will come along… and rock their world.

My hope is that it will be sooner… and that you… are the entrepreneur.


I look forward to speaking with you.


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