How’s Your Vision…? Part I

Small Business Vision

Effective small business leadership requires us to do many things consistently.

Toward the top of every good leader’s list will be the creation of the organizational vision(s) for specific areas of their business.

To accomplish this, we need to know exactly where we are… and where we want to take things… in a specific period of time.

The difference between where we are today… and where we want to be within a given time period… is our vision.

As small business owners, it’s our responsibility to see things as they could be… yes, in fact… how they will be.


Great leaders also know that the vision must be written down… must be communicated effectively to the team… and must have a solid timetable.

Leave out any one of the three… and it ceases to be a vision based in reality.

To be sure, a vision that is unwritten, uncommunicated, or unscheduled is no vision at all… rather, such a ‘vision’ would be more accurately described as a ‘hallucination’…

And that… is not a success principle in any economy.



What visions have you created for your business for the next 12 months? 36 months? 60 months?

Are they written down?

Could every member of your team recite them in their sleep?


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