Do As I Say… Or Do As I Do? Part I


So, you’ve probably had the same call…

I’m at my desk and the phone rings… it’s a broker in a boiler room somewhere between New York and New Jersey who has a can’t miss stock pick, and he knew I’d want to know about it right away ’cause their records show that it’s exactly the type of investment I’m looking for.

That’s interesting… only because when I press him for information that would certainly be on my records, it becomes quite evident that I’m not in their records.

“Surely, Mr. Buelow (it’s BEE-low, but he destroys the pronounciation… somehow coming up with four syllables), you’d have to agree that if you could earn a guaranteed 12-15% in this market… it would be ridiculous not to do it…right? You’d have to agree with that (he’s now approaching six words per second). If I can just get your social security number I’ll buy 500 shares for you right now and we’ll keep you as a satisfied customer.

I’m not a customer.

So I told him, okay… if he got on a plane and flew to Green Bay with his personal portfolio in hand, I would meet him at the airport, take a look at his individual account, and buy the same number of shares that he owns.

I’m still not a customer.



How many shares do you think he owned?

Why are some people so willing to push others to do what they would never do themselves?

What are some examples that you’ve run into?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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