Do As I Say… Or Do As I Do? Part II


It’s really a question of integrity.

Whether it is brokers looking to hawk securities that they would never own, marketers who sell processes that they would never use, or retailers who push extended warrantees that they would never buy.

Today, I heard three examples from another angle: business owners trying to make a buck teaching you how to… own your own business? No… teaching you how to be a better employee for someone else.

The first was an article in a national magazine that spoke of surviving your job in the current economic climate. The second was a radio interview with a gentleman who could have written the magazine article; loaded with cautions about not asking… or expecting… too much. Finally was an infomercial from the founder and creator of a video course to teach you the computer skills necessary to keep your position during these trying times.

Yes… lots of talk about surviving… not a word about thriving.

And I doubt that any of these CEO’s would invest in their own programs, give up their ownership stake, and use their new found skills to go survive in an employment relationship. The reality is that the future is likely not in your job. Never has it been more timely or necessary to get started in your own business, and thankfully never has it been easier or less expensive.

Even part-time online could change your debt structure, finances, and lifestyle choices before the end of the year. Whether you start big or small… start now.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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