Eat Your Veggies…


I think that one of the greatest benefits of having a camera that also doubles as a mobile phone is that, on a regular basis, I experience things that no one would ever believe if I didn’t have pictures to back them up 🙂

Some of these events are just that… events.

And others, well… they’re just subtle twists on ordinary daily life that happen to get my attention.

Like this one…

I grew up hearing that I should eat my vegetables, because:

A) They would make me strong (they did),
B) They would make me tall (they didn’t), and
C) If I refused to eat them, I’d still be sitting there at 8:30pm staring at a plate full of cold, bland, dried-up spinach or broccoli while my friends were out playing baseball!

So I learned to eat what was in front of me and, with the exception of liver and onions, I mostly liked it.

Actually, it wasn’t the onions so much as it was the liver, and I might as well tell you now that in over twenty-three years of being a parent and the main cook in my house, I have NOT ONCE EVER given my family that menu option or ultimatum 🙂

But, alas, I digress…


Back to the wonders of my Android and its awesome picture-taking ability.

I was just walking through a grocery store with a friend and we were discussing what I believe to be the almost-criminal state of the food supply in America today… I could write a book.

In fact, I am writing a book… but there I go digressing again!

I had just seen an advertisement claiming that “Frozen is as Nutritious as Fresh”, so I grabbed this package of frozen broccoli and had a Come-to-Jesus moment.

“Check this out…,” I said to my friend. “You know how good for you broccoli is, right… I mean, loaded with nutrition, especially Calcium… everyone knows that, right?”

“Well, yeah,” he says, “that’s why no kid in their right mind would want to eat it!”



Now you see, I never did have that problem… I ALWAYS wanted great nutrition.

Even as a child, I wanted to be REALLY healthy… I wanted to be attractive and I wanted to live forever!

And every Saturday morning I saw this guy named Popeye who, although he wasn’t handsome and I suspect he drank and smoked too much, he still had forearms as big as your thighs and he had power over the bad-guys and magnetism with the women in his life and it all came down to eating the greens!

I got that.

I mean, he was a little strange, but… he could rip open a tin can of spinach with his bare hands, he had the respect of the Producers and Cartoonists on his TV Network, he could physically eliminate anyone who was stressing out his girlfriend and overall, life was pretty good!

But today, things are different, and kids are probably justified in not wanting to eat their store-bought and industrial-farm-raised veggies, ’cause as this pic above shows… there’s not a darn thing in them!

Oh, okay… there’s a whopping 30mg of Vitamin C, which by-the-way, just so happens to be DESTROYED by either boiling or microwaving.

That said, guess what advice is given on the Cooking Instructions?



So the questions I have for you are:

How did we allow our most important resources to become so nutritionally bankrupt?

Why is over-weightness and obesity so prevalent in America today?

Who do you know that is concerned about their health and nutrition?

How would releasing excess body-fat and weight help or harm the average American?

On a scale of 1 to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000… how important is this to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.