Endorsements You Can Trust…


It could have been attributed to cynicism… but instead I just took it as a reasonable question that this gentleman needed to ask.

You know, a few weeks ago I wrote about an experience I had with a dental practice… in fact, it was so good that I named the doc’s name… not something I would necessarily do online.

But afterwards, it led someone to ask (in all seriousness) whether or not I was receiving free dental work in exchange for my recognition of their business.

Great question… unfortunately no, or I might have those other crowns done already..!

But more importantly, it has really gotten me to consider the idea of word of mouth endorsements, as it relates to affiliate programs and commissions.


Elsewhere on this site… at least as of now… there are resources, books, or study materials which you can purchase, along with the notice that when these types of products are available… there is probably an affiliate program of one sort or another that may be compensating me.

I am really rethinking that.

This man’s simple question regarding free dental care has raised the issue in my mind of why word of mouth, or referral business, is so powerful. It is powerful because it is credible, and it is credible because the one making the referral is deemed to be authentic… and not motivated by any ulterior motive.

However, enter some form of compensation… and that perception of authenticity can be challenged.

The question is: If I am receiving a commission from Amazon (I am)… or if I were bartering with my dentist (I’m not)… would it be enough to simply let you know? Or… does that so water down an endorsement as to render it suspect?

Good questions… and I’d love your feedback.


For further consideration:

Do you distinguish between paid endorsements… and spontaneous word of mouth promotion?

If so, what is your level of trust for each?


Photo Credit:

The Wandering Angel