A good part of last weekend was spent with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few years.

And as with all good friends, the time in between matters little – Pete and I have as much in common today as we always have… which is quite interesting because we have ALMOST NOTHING in common today with what we had in common twenty years ago!

But alas… I digress.

I think part of what makes the relationship work so well is that there has been a constant and mutual respect that transcends time and circumstances and occasionally common sense… but there I go, digressing again!

So last week, at a point in life when I am looking for several key players for a new business venture, my call to Pete was not only a natural… he also answered in the manner I figured he would… the exact same manner that I would answer a call from him.

You see, part of believing in others is… well, believing in others. If Pete brings an idea to me… whether a business idea, a social solution, a charitable cause, whatever… I listen.

I listen because I respect his opinions, trust his judgment, and believe in his potential… and I suppose he believes in mine.

Now, it is true that all this trusting has gotten us into a fair amount of trouble at various points, like the time we…

Geez… there I go again.

So, in the interest of protecting the innocent 🙂 we’ll just leave that part to the novelization or the movie!

However, it is certainly evident that separating true friends from mere acquaintances is often very simple… in fact, it really doesn’t require any thought at all. So here’s to all my friends… old and new.

And Pete… I look forward to our mutual success and our next great adventure.


Photo Credit:

Miss Turner