Better Networking… Part V


Want to eliminate the ‘waste of time’ and ‘weak ROI’ issues from your next trade show or networking event?

Well, of course… we all do.

May I suggest that in the future, you pay very close attention to what everyone else is doing at these events… 

…and then do something else.

Why…? Because most of them are wasting their time selling to people that are neither qualified nor authorized to buy.

Yes… instead of following the crowd, do something unique and remarkable.  Separate yourself from the usual… the mediocre… the average. 


Here is a sure bet.

Rather than running into whomever and passing out cards by the dozen… target three or four potential players… and arrange beforehand to meet them at the function.

That’s right… don’t go to an event to see who you can meet; go to meet your pre-arranged contacts at the event. Give them a reason to meet you… stand out from the crowd… and bring something to the table.

Then learn from them whatever you need to learn, so that you can refer business to them the following week. Remember, as a leader… it’s up to you to give first… it’s up to you to prime the pump.

I look forward to speaking with you.



Have you ever attended a trade show or networking event that seemed like a complete waste of time? More than one?

What are the chances that there were individuals also in a attendance, that had influence within your ideal market niche?

How will you prime the pump with them, and separate yourself from the crowd?



You get what you give… you harvest what you plant.

If you want corn… plant corn. If you want referrals… start planting.


Photo Credit:

Scarleth White