“Just Think Of All The Things…”


It’s a kind of ritual that I do periodically… and one that happens most frequently on or around this day each year, on Thanksgiving Day.

I gather up thoughts and memories of terrific and wonderful people that have come into my life over the past twelve months or so and then I reach out to them in one way or another.

Some of these introductions and meetings were very brief, coming and going like two ships passing in the night… or the airport, as it were!

Other introductions hold the promise of something more.

Either way… I reach out.

It used to be a ton of telephone calls in the day or two leading up to the holiday, or in the day or two that follow it.

Last year, it was accomplished almost completely by e-mail…

This year, mostly text messages… with a few e-mails, telephone calls and Facebook connections thrown in…

The medium doesn’t matter… I reach out.


Earlier today, within a span of a half hour or so, I heard the following sentiment expressed on the radio more times than I could count:

“Just think of all the things you have to be thankful for…”

Forgetting for a moment the improper grammar of ending the statement with a preposition (my mom and dad will be so proud :), I started to think about the words…

Just think of all the things…
Think of all the things

All… the… things



Maybe it’s just a saying.
Maybe a cliché…

But in the end, it is not going to be the things that matter much at all… it’s the people.

It is the relationships…
It is the friendships…
It is… you.

I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with people you love:)


Photo Credit:

Kevin Dooley