Leadership Affects Everything… Part I


I got a call from the wife of a friend.

It seems he’s been spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet lately… specifically on my website… and she wanted to thank me.

Okay… so what’s the catch?

Well, it started with a simple conversation last Spring.

He was having a challenge in his business… clearly a leadership issue… and I had given him some advice and then pointed him in the direction of an article I had written and published here.

That’s it. But according to her, it had saved their business… AND their marriage.

Pretty cool. The entire interaction had taken less than twelve minutes… ten minutes for him to explain his situation, and ninety seconds or so for my response.

And the cost?

Well… nothing but my friends time, desire, and commitment to fix what was broken. And true commitment results in a willingness to take PROPER action.

And that… is often all it takes.


You see… once he got started down the leadership track, it wasn’t long before he began to search for more.

One article led to another… one small success to the next. On several occasions, I shared a favorite book or author and he devoured the wisdom and came back for more.

Of course, what happened next was no accident.

As he grew in his leadership ability, he did what all real leaders do. He took responsibility for what was wrong… he gave away the credit for what went right… and he began to treat everyone… EVERYONE… with a new sense of appreciation and respect.

And yes, EVERYONE included his wife and children.

Imagine that.


I look forward to speaking with you.


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