Leadership Affects Everything… Part II


Over the past few days, I have had the opportunity to witness the effects of leadership, or LACK of LEADERSHIP, in the lives of several “leaders”.

Yes, it is possible for those in “leadership positions” to possess a LACK of LEADERSHIP. And, as we have discussed previously, it is also possible for those with “leadership ability” to lead in very negative ways.

Both of these circumstances tend to NOT END WELL for those who would choose to follow.

In fact, it is in difficult times that the true extent of one’s leadership is revealed. In such situations, good leaders guide their followers to the benefit of all, while poor leaders act on behalf of self… to the detriment of their followers and their families.

Leadership… effects everything.


A few weeks ago, I was asked why I spend so much time on leadership as it relates to family issues.

The question came from an individual who seemed to confuse LEADERSHIP with MANAGEMENT, and who also attributed LEADERSHIP ABILITY to CORPORATE TITLE.

Big mistake.

During that conversation, as we discussed my big-picture view of leadership, I was asked whether I had heard about about a mutual acquaintance who had, and I quote, “lost his business in a divorce”.

The question came at just the right moment, and solidified the entire point.

“Lost his business in a divorce…?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s terrible… his wife got everything…”, came the response.



I explained that from where I sit… the view is different.

You see, I DON”T believe this man’s title as CEO gave him great leadership ability. I DO see an individual whose people followed because they had to.

Further, I don’t believe that he lost his business in a divorce. In fact, just the opposite… I believe he lost his marriage in his business.

And I CERTAINLY don’t see that his wife got everything. To be sure, outside of a tidy sum of cash… I would say that she and her children… LOST EVERYTHING.

“But he was SO successful…!”

I’m sorry… but I don’t see that either. I see a man whose relationships are trashed… whose health is rocky… and whose spiritual life is admittedly non-existent. A man who instills fear in his business associates… but who cannot muster the respect of his own children.

I don’t see a leader… I see a guy who found a way to make some money.


I look forward to speaking with you soon.



We cannot separate leadership, or the lack of leadership, from the results.


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