The Freedom To Fail…


Albert Einstein is credited with saying that “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I agree completely.

In fact, it is the reason that I hold little hope of congressional or big business solutions to the myriad of challenges that we face.

When corruption, greed, deception, and mismanagement threaten industry giants (including their associated voting blocks), they should be allowed the same freedom that you and I have… the freedom to fail.

Like the rest of us, their actions and decisions have consequences… and they cannot solve their problems with the same people, in the same positions, with the same agendas, attending the same meetings, making the same assumptions, and using the same processes that got them there in the first place.

No, in fact… they should be encouraged to fail. If the industry is valuable…, if there is profit to be made, then there are hundreds and thousands of people… highly talented, innovative people… on the sidelines who are hungry to get in the game.

And if the reverse is true…, if it is a declining industry with no margins and little room for innovation and thought leadership, then surely it will move off shore… sooner or later… with or without taxpayer subsidy.

This said, it is my position that the future has never been brighter.

You see, while I have little faith in our ELECTED leader’s ability to solve these issues, I have a ton of faith in our UNELECTED leaders… leaders like you… and me.

America doesn’t run on government bailouts or an administration’s desire to ‘spread the wealth around’. No…, America runs on the solutions created by twenty-seven million small businesses that are in the fight every day, solving the simple and complex issues that we all must face.

As small business owners, we are tightly connected on the ground level with the needs of our customers, the market, and the communities we live in.

The results of our actions and our decisions, positive or negatively impact our finances and our families quickly, and bring a measure of both accountability and flexibility not often seen in the insulated world of big business…, or big politics.

It has never been easier or more necessary to be in business for yourself… and the need for leadership has never been greater. We need new thinking. We need your thinking.

I look forward to hearing from you.



The freedom to succeed brings with it the freedom to fail.



Who is best able and ultimately responsible to meet the financial, social, educational, and emotional needs of yourself, or your family?

If you consistently make good decisions in your business and personal life, what should be the result? What about bad decisions?

What are three goals that you feel you must achieve, that could never be met by working for someone else?


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