Leading From The Street…? Part III


If we understand “leadership” to be the act of influencing the actions, behaviors, or outcomes of people and their circumstances… then we could agree that leaders exist at one level or another throughout society.

To be sure, within about 45 seconds, you or I could easily identify the “leaders” at any event… whether it be an after-hours business function, a gathering in your local church fellowship hall, or a group of school children on the playground.

Spotting people of influence is simple.

You see, leaders always attract the attention of other people, and their thoughts, feelings, and actions carry added weight… increasing the likelihood that the others will think, feel, and act in a similar fashion.

Now please understand… the fact that someone possesses the ability to influence… and the desire to lead… DOES NOT make them a good leader.

Certainly, history is replete with examples of leaders who were INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE at leading their followers into VERY NEGATIVE circumstances and behaviors.


So, back to the question I received earlier this week: “Do you believe that while a person is homeless, jobless, living on the streets; he/she is also capable of being an effective and positive leader?”

Several points must be made.

The first is the distinction that exists between what is possible… and what is likely. I certainly believe that “all things are possible”. On the other hand, I DO NOT believe… that all things are probable.

Next, one of the tests of good leadership is the measure of how many people are better off because of the relationship. However, a BETTER test is how many followers are making the transition to leadership roles themselves.

Good leaders MUST move up. Those who are not willing to grow, cannot pull others up with them.

Further, true leaders set examples that elevate and inspire their followers to improve and achieve. Remaining homeless and jobless in America is not a leadership quality… it is a threat to the physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional lives of those who have entrusted their care into the hands of the leader.

Remember, the question specifically asked about being both an “effective AND positive” leader.


A few final thoughts on this question… tomorrow.



Leaders influence others.

That influence is not necessarily positive.

All things are possible… not all things are likely.

Leaders improve circumstances… and bring others with them.

The real role of leadership is to raise up more leaders… not attract more followers.


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Hamed Saber

4 thoughts on “Leading From The Street…? Part III

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great post,I agree with what you are saying.Especially this following part: “a BETTER test is how many followers are making the transition to leadership roles themselves.

    Good leaders MUST move up. Those who are not willing to grow, cannot pull others up with them.”
    It makes me think about my own position and where I stand and want to be right now. Your ‘being homeless,jobless and living on the streets’ example points out clearly also that in order to be a good leader you need ‘balance’in your life.


  2. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for your insights.

    I wish you continued great success as you impact others. You’ve got a great attitude and vision for where you and your family are headed.

    Congrats on your decision to sacrifice some of the material things to focus on what matters most. That investment will pay off big time in your marriage, and in the life and values of your daughter.

    Keep in touch, friend.


    PS: Love to hear about your life in Holland.

  3. Thank you again for another insightful Post.
    I love the reference to Possible and Probable.
    We use that t basis of discussion with clients, especially in setting Financial Goal.
    All is Possible, but let’s focus on Probable for now and expand form there.
    Funny how more “goals” are attained.

  4. Hi Chuck,

    I appreciate your insights and thank you for continuing to make an impact in the lives of others. Many people in your position would simply take their chips off the table and turn inward.

    Great leaders… lead. It is my pleasure to get to know you, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    To your continued success,


    PS: I’m glad we connected on Twitter as well!

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