Leads and Leaders… Part 1


Last month, I could have gotten an iPhone.

I say, “could have”, because I really wasn’t looking for an iPhone and the truth is that the brand wasn’t a priority for me.

No big deal, it’s just that sometimes I find better solutions away from the crowd 🙂

Yet at the same time, after many years with my current provider, I wasn’t all that anxious to switch service to a new one either.

You see, I was generally satisfied with my previous plan and the service I received up to that point, and would have happily stayed where I was… and THAT, for all practical purposes, meant iPhone.

Now as it happened, I was making a few calls on an incredibly busy and somewhat stressed day and one of those calls went to my mobile service provider. Now you know that I’m not into starting rants or naming names and I will continue that tradition here… though since I’m talking about iPhone, and iPhone only currently runs on one network… you’re probably already way ahead of me.

Okay, what the heck… so I call AT&T, just to ask when my current contract expires so that I can upgrade. And the gentleman on the other end says, “Oh, your contract is already up… would you like to switch to another carrier?”


“Yes,” he said. “I can help you port your current service [to another carrier] right now if you wish.”

This, I suppose from the “Benedict Arnold” school of sales and lead nurturing!

Here I was, without a contract… ready to upgrade my phone and my plan… and there was no recognition that I am about as hot as a lead will ever get!

There was no sense of help or urgency… no desire to keep an eight year customer from walking out the door. On the contrary… it was more like, “Here, let me get the door for you… goodbye.”

Very strange behavior on their part, but I must say… I really do love my new Droid 🙂

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