Retirement’s Overrated… Part II


Quick… what’s the first thing you think when you hear the word retirement? Okay, what’s the next thing?

Did you say energetic and engaged? How about young, fast, and cutting edge? Maybe visionary… or powerful, athletic, sharp, ambitious, or driven. Does influence come to mind… or impact?

When you hear the word “retired”, do you think sizzle… or sedentary? Dynamic… or docile? Dreamer… or done?

Merriam-Webster defines “retired” as: withdrawn from one’s position or occupation : having concluded one’s working or professional career. In other words… done.

So there it is… the reason that retirement is not anywhere in my thought process… I don’t ever want to be done. It’s amazing how differently two people can look at these things. For example, take my friend from yesterday’s article.

You see, he looks at life from a traditional employee point of view… when he’s done with architecture some day… he’s, well… done. From his point of view, when I sold Ameristaff USA a few years ago, he connected the dots and arrived at the conclusion that I was “done”. Done… as in retired… at forty!

Yikes! The only thing I was done with was that chapter. It was simply a time to turn the page.


My dad retired once…for six days. Six days… back in 1992.  And then he launched into something he had never done before… he formed a brand new mission congregation from scratch and today is engaged in full time ministry to a debt-free church with hundreds of members.

And in his early eighties, he is as healthy, sharp and vibrant as ever… and Mom is too. I guess it’s just the idea that we should really live… as long as we’re alive.

Besides, why would you quit doing what you really love? Ahhh… maybe that’s it. Maybe the reason so many are eager to retire is that they really don’t like what they’re doing… they aren’t living life on purpose… not nailing their mission.

Which leads me to ask another question. If not… why not?


I ran into an acquaintance at a bank here in town… he works at an agency with a friend of mine, and though I don’t know him well, he seems like a great guy with a great family.

When he asked what I was involved with lately, I mentioned a project I was working on, and then explained that in addition to coaching and consulting, I was putting together a family business online in the health and nutrition field, and am opening a mentorship program in another state.

“Wow… why so many ventures?” he asked.

I suppose I should have told him that it’s because I’m retired! But the truth is… why not do whatever you want to do? We live in America. There is no limit to the number of jobs you can have… projects you can take on… or businesses you can open.

Yes, I believe retirement is overrated. If we find ourselves looking to be “done”… maybe it’s just time to close a chapter or two… and open a new one. I look forward to hearing from you.



Why would anyone want to quit doing what really drives and motivates them?

Why do so many Americans want to quit doing what they do for a living?

Have you ever felt that way? What is your plan for a life of excellence and purpose?


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