How’s Your Vision…? Part II

Small Business Leadership

As small business owners and leaders, not only are we charged with creating the vision for our organization… but also for ensuring that the vision becomes a reality. It is the heart of leadership.

This requires a three step process which is continuous for the duration of the business:

1) Make Plans
2) Take Action
3) Evaluate Results

Based on the results in step three, we formulate new plans and continue the cycle. Let’s look closer.


The plans we create in step one are focused completely on achieving the strategic goals and micro-goals that are critical to the ultimate attainment of the vision.

An important, but often missed, component of this step is to create scenarios of circumstances that could trip us up along the way… as well as possible courses of action should they occur.

These plans then become the tactical blueprint, providing flexibility by foreseeing solutions to challenges that could otherwise keep us from achieving our small business objectives.


Step two is straight forward… we act on our plans. Simple enough.

We do what we say we are going to do… we’re accountable. And our team is accountable. That is what leadership is all about.


The evaluation in step three is ongoing… continuous. It enables the organization’s leadership to make course corrections as necessary.

I don’t believe in annual reviews for employees, and I don’t believe in waiting ’til the end of the year to see if what we’re doing is working.

A coach doesn’t wait for the end of the season to make corrections with his players or game plan… and neither should you.

We make our plans, we take action, we evaluate… and then we make our plans. Simple steps… but steps that require great dedication and commitment to put into practice.


I look forward to speaking with you.



What are the three biggest threats to accomplishing each of your goals and micro-goals? What are the solutions, and alternate courses of action?

Does your team know… and are they ready to implement… Plan B, C, and D?

What will you do Monday morning to prepare for victory… regardless of the road ahead?


Photo Credit:

AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker