Never Too Busy… Part I


Years ago, I remember my dad giving me some advice regarding putting together a team. “Steve…” he said, “you need to have people around you that you can count on… and they need to know they can count on you.”

And then he went on…

“If you’re looking for someone who can get things done… talk to the busiest person you know. If it’s worthwhile, they’ll figure out a way to do it. Everyone else… those who accomplish the least… well… they just never seem to have any time.”


I’ve seen this concept proven over and over again. The ones with the most to do… those who live on purpose… tend to become experts in prioritizing their life. I’m not saying they’re always willing to jam eighteen more things into their day… but they do make time for the really important things… and aren’t often sidelined by activities that come out of left field.

On the other hand… without using a calculator, I can’t count the number of people I’ve met who are seemingly tossed by the waves… by other’s expectations… by pop culture… and peer pressure. Their lives are ruled by their boss… their mother… their children’s teachers… and the TV Guide.

And then opportunity knocks… or missions call… the chance of a lifetime awaits. And they are answered by… silence. These folks are too busy to notice… or too tired to care. Most often, they don’t even realize what just passed them by.


Come to think of it, for many years… the busiest person I knew was… well… ME. And during that time, my dad definitely put this teaching to work… in BOTH of our lives.

That story… along with how to start a business when your already working eighty hours a week… tomorrow, right here.

I look forward to hearing your stories.



Who is the most successful and engaged person you know?

How open are they to help others?

How much TV do they watch?


Photo Credit:

Paul J Everett