Not Rocket Science, (Letters to Rebecca)… Part III


So, earlier today a reader in Australia suggested that I change the name of this series to “Letters to Rebecca…”, which I must admit is a pretty neat idea.

Especially since Rebecca and I barely know one another.

In fact, I do hope she’s reading… since this all started with a two minute conversation about her dance studio a week ago.

But there is potentially more to it than that. You see, as this site is now read by extraordinary people in at least 58 countries around the world… Rebecca might one day be famous!

Ah… but I digress.

So, tomorrow I will check with a friend who knows the answers to ALL such questions, and if it won’t mess up my feeds and permalinks… you may notice a name change. And if not, you’ll know what answer he gave me!

Okay, let’s roll… after all, this isn’t rocket science!


Hi Rebecca,

Yesterday we spoke of CREATING AWARENESS simply (and inexpensively) by taking advantage of NEW MEDIA tools that cost virtually nothing!

Today, we’ll cover another one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform your marketing… by EXPANDING your INFLUENCE in both the local and global community.

Now… you WILL be making extra trips to the bank each week to deposit the additional revenue… so you may need to fill up an extra tank with fuel each quarter. But other than that, there’s not a lot of additional cost here… at least, compared to running a ton of ads on programs that everyone is TiVo-ing!

To be sure, EXPANDING INFLUENCE is a simple process of networking (in both the traditional sense and online), and also through the building of a bona fide Network, or Team. And the great part is that we are no longer limited to the events and people in our geographic locations.

The Internet has made the whole world a cozy place to meet wonderful people… heck, you may even have someone from half way around the world in Australia helping you write your next blog title!

Whoops, there I go… digressing again.

But, here’s the cool thing. When we network, people begin to KNOW us… and often, to LIKE us! Imagine that.

And as limited as it seems in the beginning, that gives us influence with them.

They are more open to hearing about our ideas… like, how much it just makes sense that our bodies were created… believe it or not… TO MOVE. And through these movements… through dance at your studio, Rebecca… our joints are lubricated, our breathing is optimized, and our balance and flexibility are increased and… well, you already know all of this!

So, networking… meeting others and developing relationships is important.

However, it’s not just about having influence WITH OTHERS… but also having the influence OF OTHERS. As small business owners, there is another concept of a Network. Not only can we build our clientele, we can build a team … call it an informal board of directors, an advisory board, whatever.

Our Network can become virtual partners… confidantes that have our best interests in mind. And when this happens, we pick up the INFLUENCE that those individuals have within THEIR OWN networks… in effect, their ENDORSEMENT… and this can become a referral stream that almost takes on a life of its own.

So, now we have access to hundreds (maybe thousands) of people that we never had before. And all because we essentially receive… this is important… the blessing of the others in our Network.

And that… is INFLUENCIAL.


Two final points…

FIRST… the size of our network will ultimately be determined by what we GIVE to others, and SECOND… the cost is measured in whatever time and resources it takes to build trust, relationships, and reputation.




What is your strategy for both traditional and online networking? Is it written down? Does your entire staff understand how they can participate?

What can you give to others to increase the strength of their position in both their professional or personal life? Do you need to create additional products or services to be of interest and influence to national or global markets?

If you could choose any six people, anywhere in the world, to meet with you over the web for three hours per quarter to discuss your business… who would they be? Do you have a plan to contact them? Is it in your calendar?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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4 thoughts on “Not Rocket Science, (Letters to Rebecca)… Part III

  1. Hey Steve,

    Glad you decided to post this as you have. Great information for lots of us, not just Rebecca. Thank you!!!!! LeeAnn

  2. Hi LeeAnn,

    My pleasure… I’m happy you are finding value here.

    Yeah… everything in life is pretty simple if you break it down far enough. For most small businesses, adding these activities on a consistent basis will change the entire picture for the positive!

    Have a wonderful day!


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