Objections… What Objections? Part 2


Okay, so let’s pick up where we left off with the previous article .

No, not the part about being attacked at Barnes and Noble by some Network Marketers who are being weird – I’m talking about the discussion on handling objections!

Merriam-Webster defines OBJECTION as:
1) a reason or argument presented in opposition, or
2) a feeling or expression of disapproval

Now, let’s be clear… it’s not just the Network Marketers and MLM’ers who spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about objections! To be sure, the first chapter most often read in any sales book is the one that gives ideas on mastering that particular topic.

My take? I say it’s time to put this one to rest.

You see, I believe the FEAR OF OBJECTIONS is really a FEAR OF REJECTION. And once we get this concept, we can eliminate the fear forever.

How’s this… what if I told you that I think we can be incredibly successful without EVER handling another objection? Yes, what if I told you that I recommend not even attempting to have a relationship with those who are bent on arguing or expressing their feelings of disapproval with you?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to tell you!

On second thought, it will need to come tomorrow – ’cause right now I’m on my way to meet with a roomful of people with whom I have a ton in common and who aren’t interested in arguing anything at all!


Then again, if arguing is your deal – it is a free country… though I don’t suppose I’ll be seeing you tonight!


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