Old Friends and New… Part II


So, you probably know that I ask a lot of questions… sometimes of others, and quite often of myself.

So it is that when I meet someone for the first time… I find myself asking two sets of questions. The first set is really geared toward what’s going on with the other person… where they’ve been… where they’re at… what they’re about… and where they’re going.

Throughout that process, I tend to be learning about what is most important to them. What is their vision? What is their mission? What cannot be left undone in life?

And those discussions tend to lead to the second set of questions. Knowing what I now know about this individual, is it within my ability to help them move the dial on their goals… to overcome their challenges… or partner on a mutual goal or mission?

And I think the biggest question I need to answer at that time is whether or not I believe that our meeting was merely a function of coincidence… or whether it is part of a bigger (though often unexplained) picture.

And I also suppose I should tell you that I don’t hold much faith in coincidence… I guess because I don’t have much faith in luck or chance. I do, however, have a lot of faith in relationships based on mutual and shared interests, respect, goals, missions and passions.


Now, all that said, I’d like to take a moment to share one slice of personal happiness with you at this time. I’m relaxed in my office and here are the items on my desk that I am really excited about right now:

A large cup of iced coffee that is calling my name… a picture of my daughter and me at an outdoor music festival last June… a note from my wife that she wrote on a day in which I must have been on my extra-best behavior… a bunch of video equipment from some editing we were doing yesterday…

And… a list of new relationships.

And next to each name is at least one action or objective that I can personally do to help advance something of importance to my new friend. The relationship begins with learning… and is strengthened by giving.

What is important to you? What must be done? What are the links that strengthen your relationships with others? What can you give?


I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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