Big Business vs. Small Business… Part II

Big Business Small Business

So, what about the first question from yesterday’s post… just why do I spend so much time speaking and teaching about small business, as opposed to big business?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like big business… it’s simply that I love small business.

As status-ie as some people get about big companies, it’s just never appealed much to me. You see, I believe in business ownership… and when it comes to big business, well… they’re just not that easy to own.

I can count on zero fingers the number of people I know that started a business by hiring 2500 people on day one.

But small business is a different story. It’s never been easier, or more necessary. Okay, so… do I really think that everyone ought to own one? Yeah… pretty much.

But isn’t that risky?

Well, you tell me who is more at risk in this economy… the person who has no plan if they lose their job next month… or the one who has an extra thousand dollars a week coming in on a part-time online venture? The one who is paid to manage 12 people in a single sales division… or the one who works with 12 distinct companies in their own small consulting business?

Brings to mind the advice of not putting all my eggs in one basket… thanks Dad.

The truth is, you are far more likely to earn a small fortune as the owner of a relevant small business, than you are as a mid-level manager in a large company that serves a mature market.

And… here’s my favorite part… you get to keep your values. When you appoint yourself as the head of your own company, it is your vision, and your values, that will determine the culture that you live and work in.


I look forward to speaking with you.



If we asked your young son or daughter who takes care of the family, what would they say?

Is there anyone in corporate America who has your family’s best interest in mind more than you do?

What is meant by the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?

How many baskets do most people have, and who really owns them?


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