Steve Buelow brings energy and passion, insights and hope to small businesses, organizations, and individuals facing unprecedented leadership and marketing challenges in today’s volatile economic, political, and competitive environment.

His speaking style combines the attributes of his servant’s heart with the steeled experience he’s gained from fourteen thousand employees and two decades at the top. Steve has a special ability to weave humor and common sense into relevant content that delivers powerful messages of inspiration and action.

Here are several topics just to get you thinking… at the appropriate time, Steve will meet with you or your meeting planner by phone, e-mail or web to customize the presentation to nail the needs and expectations of your organization.


It’s Time To Fire Your Marketing Department

Or maybe more to the point… it’s time to get the rest of the team into the game. Gone are the days where marketing was a mysterious (and expensive) something that happened in that office down the hall. Today, companies are either fully engaged in the process… or they’ll lose to a competitor who is. On the bright side… the cost of using unlimited quantities of new media is fast approaching zero! No delay!!


From Behind The Mask… The Case For Authenticity In A Social Media World

Our customers aren’t perfect, and neither are we. New Media and the Social Network environment reward companies and individuals for being human… while leaving traditional players and their mass market messages on the heap of the unbelievable. Learn how to turn detractors into advocates, and how negatives can propel an organization to the top of a Facebook-driven world!


When Marketing And Leadership Collide… The Clash Of Money And Values

Are all marketers willing to stretch the truth? Do all leaders have a price? From energy and banking, to Detroit and Wall Street… what circumstances can lead very decent people… to do very wrong things? Looking in the mirror, could it happen to you? When push comes to shove… are the lines clearly drawn? More importantly, does everyone on your team know what they are?


Leaving A Legacy… Stories Of A Lifetime And Your Personal Brand

You didn’t persevere through hell and high water… just to get some stuff. Leadership is influence, and a leader’s stories are powerful. Your story can inspire our youth, encourage our weak, honor our warriors, and respect our elderly. Lift the broken, teach the willing, and reinforce core values. Don’t leave this Earth, without leaving this legacy. The web makes it simple to tell the world what is important to you… and why? For whom do you live… and for what would you die?


It’s 10pm… Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

More importantly, do you know who they’re talking to? Forget everything you’ve ever thought about Social Networks and New Media… it’s not just for children anymore. Forty thousand people will join social networks in the next ninety minutes… some of them will be your contacts. Does your digital strategy match those of your best customers? If not, they may be speaking with your toughest competitor… right now. Ignoring this one… could cost a bundle.


Hitting The Mark… Eliminate The Most Common And Costly Small Business Leadership and Marketing Challenges

It may be true that old habits are hard to break… but allowing them to kill your business and give the competition an edge is MUCH harder still! Many traditional strategies have become the MOST EXPENSIVE… and LEAST EFFECTIVE. Learn six simple steps you can begin implementing this week to create awareness, expand influence, drive credibility, and gain market share now.


All Came Tumbling Down… Leading When Everything Goes Wrong

Leading is a snap when the wind’s at our back and the sun’s on our face. But what about when things go wrong… really wrong. Financial and competitive pressures, increased regulation, issues of health or family strife… divorce, separation, or rebellious kids. Even spiritual questions can test our faith, and rock our foundations as leaders. What to do, when your next move could affect everything.



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