The Book I Didn’t Write…


I ran into a friend of mine yesterday that I hadn’t seen in a few months.

I’d like to tell you that he is so passionate about his work and his mission and his industry that you can feel it when he walks into the room… but I don’t want to understate his fire!

The last time we spoke he was telling me that there was a good chance that he was going to get into an ownership position with the company for which he was working.

That would have been a good move on THEIR part.

However, as things have developed… things, well… really haven’t developed. So now my friend is thinking about what he can do on his own.

And that, I believe, will be a good move on HIS part!

I say this because twenty-something years ago, I was in the exact same spot… hemmed in by many of the same influences (and influencers)… and staring ahead at many years of what would surely become an encyclopedia-sized diary of “what-if’s” and “why-didn’t-I’s”.

And I am SO glad that I didn’t write that book.

I look forward to my friend’s success… and to yours.



What book are you writing with your actions and decisions today?

Is there a chapter on Fear? Procrastination? Maybe Anger?

Do you want them to be your final chapters?

Do you want your children to read them? To live them?

What will you change? Will you start today?


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