The Mother Load…


So it used to be that children went to their Grandparent’s homes to be, in my case, anyway… pretty well spoiled and doted on with every conceivable expression of love…

Laughter, check.
Treats and gifts, got ’em.
Hugs and kisses, yup.
Fun and games, you know it.
And was it possible… even more treats?

Well, let’s just say grandma wasn’t up on the latest nutritional research!

But they did love us, and then they sent us home where reality set in, where responsibility ruled, and Mom could always hit the panic button if we got too out of control!

“Wait ’til your father gets home…” was a statement that brought my sugar high and my attitude into perspective on more than one occasion.


But more and more… Father isn’t coming home.

No, more and more… Mom is really carrying the entire load. And if you’re in that position, I don’t need to type an exhaustive list here for you to understand the weight of it all. But it seems that all too often, many family relationships are becoming increasingly complicated.

Yes, this week in my discussions with friends, family, and even a handful of acquaintances and strangers… several scenarios emerged. On one hand were moms and kids and husbands and wives who really looked forward to this day – Mother’s Day – and on the other hand were moms and kids and ex-husbands and wives who dreaded this day passionately.

Oh, and in the middle were the Greeting Card companies, who ALWAYS wait with anticipation for days like today! Just in our family alone we should have helped put a dent in the National Debt… but I digress.

Then again, everyone isn’t as fired up about card buying as are we!

I saw a near meltdown in the store this week over a $5.69 Hallmark Special… “It doesn’t matter WHAT we buy her,” the woman told her husband, “Mom’s just going to hate it anyway! There ain’t NO WAY that I’m spending THAT KIND OF MONEY on a [insert your favorite adjective] card…”

One can only imagine the amount of stuff that’s built up to that conversation.


So to all the moms in my life… from my loving and incredible wife, my mom, mother-in-law, recently departed step-mom-in-law… to my dear sister, sisters-in-law, aunts, nieces, cousins, friends and others… thank you.

You are loved and appreciated more than you know.


Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


Photo Credit:

Daizy B