The Trouble With Money… Part I


So, what do these circumstances have in common?

1) I got a call from an old acquaintance who’s decided to get a divorce

2) I flew to San Diego a few weeks ago with a guy who’s… decided to get a divorce, and

3) I just ran into someone I used to go to church with. He disappeared off the planet a few years ago after, you guessed it… he decided to get a divorce.

Well, if you said the common thread was the demise of their marriages you’d certainly be correct… but that’s too easy. You see, it was the reason each gave for the end of the relationship… the claim that the cause was unwaveringly rooted in their finances.

Now, whether that was the cause or merely a symptom is for someone else to judge… but all three felt pretty darn comfortable relating the story that the trouble they were in financially was a fine and acceptable reason to throw in the towel on their families.

Interestingly and not surprisingly… in each circumstance, their wives and children seemed to see it a little differently.


So, is money the root of all evil? I’m thinking not… after all, that’s not what Scripture says.

A correct reading cautions against the LOVE OF MONEY, which certainly tends to manifest itself in all sorts of nasty ways, especially in the case of those who do not possess what they truly love.

Now, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I have several theories about money.

But first I must tell you that my thoughts come from the experience of some real extremes… at times, having WAY more than my share and, at other times, literally selling blood to eat.

That said, here is what I know… being broke REALLY BITES!

Uh… ahem… sorry, and here is what else I believe about money…

1) More is probably better than less
2) Sooner is probably better than later
3) Abundance in the right hands can help a lot of hurting people and worthy causes
4) Money will NOT LIKELY make you happy
5) Debt will ALMOST CERTAINLY make you miserable

Oh, and one more – Those WITHOUT MONEY often think about it FAR MORE than those who have it. Yes, the LACK OF MONEY is especially dangerous to those who have FALLEN IN LOVE with money…

But more on that next time! Until then, I look forward to hearing from you.


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3 thoughts on “The Trouble With Money… Part I

  1. Hi Steve,

    First off, I do not have the plan to visit the U.S. any time soon. My counter question… yes you guessed it, ‘Do you have plans to visit Europe in the near future?

    Interesting post again Steve, I agree with your believes about money and it also made me think about the path I am following to improve my finances.

    Have a wonderfull day,


  2. Hi Raymond,

    Will definitely let you know… we’ve been discussing it as it has been a few years since we’ve been over there now.

    Also, thanks for the comments. Looking forward to reading more from you soon! And maybe we can speak over Skype again soon… I would like that.

    Your friend,

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