Never Too Busy… Part III


So, let’s start by looking at what I didn’t say in the last two articles.

I didn’t say that real go-getters are eager to jump on every band wagon that comes along… or that they would jump on yours. And I didn’t say that you should give your time to any and every cause at the expense of your own missions, goals, health, or family.

I also didn’t say that there is unlimited time available, or that you can always give another eight hours here, or sign up to volunteer for that over there. Moreover, I didn’t say that you can accomplish your major purposes in life… and maintain “balance” (whatever that really means) at all times.

I DID say that I AM NEVER TOO BUSY… to move my major purposes forward… at least a little.

Never…? Never.


I was asked last week by an up-and-coming leader how he can do a better job of managing his time while he looks to grow his own business. My first question to him was one I’ve asked hundreds of people… “Do you know how much time you have..? In other words, how much time are you playing with… how much time do you have available… each week?”

He didn’t know… most don’t.

This young man started to do some quick math, but then defaulted to telling me about his standard work week… which was about 55 hours, including his commute.

Back to the math… we worked the numbers together.

There are 168 hours in a week… and they are ALL yours. Subtracting his work and commute he had 113 left. He determined that he spent 19 hours per week between eating and hygiene… 5 on exercise and 49 sleeping. That leaves him with 40 hours every week to use or invest in whatever is important to him.

I suggested he take 60% of it (or 24 hours), and invest it in his family and relationships. This extra time also allows for a buffer if he needs it. Then I proposed that he take the remaining 40% (or 16 hours) and invest it in growing a business online that can replace his income in the next 3-5 years.

He opted to reverse the numbers… and replace his full-time job in 2-3 years instead. Darn kids! BUT PRETTY COOL, huh?

And yeah… I know… there’s next-to-no T.V. time in there… oh well. When he leaves his job… he does get 55 hours per week back… if the tube is still that important!

I look forward to hearing from you.



Is your vision well defined? Are your plans written down? Are you on track?

What activities take up at least four hours of your week, that are not moving you significantly toward your goals?

Are you willing to put those activities on hold, at least temporarily? If so, when? If not, why not?


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