Too Big To Fail…


Over the past year or so, there’s been much talk (and an overwhelming amount of economic pain) brought to bear by a philosophy known simply enough as, “Too Big To Fail.”

As this operating principle goes, there are some companies that are just too big… too integral… too important for us to live without.

Regardless of cost.
Regardless of incompetence.
Regardless of corruption.


Recently, I have had a mounting number of experiences that make me think the story will ultimately read differently.

Rather than being too big to fail, how about:

Too Big To Succeed
Too Big To Care, or
Too Big To Even Notice.

Yes, I believe that may be the problem. So large… so driven… so focused…

Head down… one hundred miles an hour…

Totally unaware.


And then I met Mary.

My call to her this morning came right on the heels of an absolutely ridiculous experience that I had just had at another Fortune 100 company that is clearly too big to notice.

But this was different… Mary was different… and I suspect that her company isn’t needing a bailout.

Hers was a smile that could be seen over the telephone, and her desire to provide exceptional service was evident from the moment she picked up my line. Mary was good. She was trained… she was helpful… she respected my time and she ended our call with a sincere request that I, “go out now and have a blessed day.”

And you know… I did.

I really did 🙂




When was the last time you were completely overwhelmed either positively or negatively by the service you received?

What specifically can you do today that will make a positive difference in the experience your customers have with you?

How could you positively influence and affect others in your personal life through your attitude today?

Will you do it?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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