Tribute To My Dad… And (I Hope) Yours…


It is no secret to anyone who knows me well, or to anyone who frequents this space, how I feel about my mom and dad.  It’s always been that way.

Are they perfect?  Well, no… just like me.

But through the years… and the tears… the challenges… and the fears… (hey, that rhymes) what an incredible example of integrity they have been.  Yeah, I think that is the right word… integrity.

What you see… is what you get.  The same in private… as in public. 

And on this Father’s Day… I just want to say thanks.  I am thankful that I wasn’t raised with a lot of gray areas.  It was pretty much black and white… right and wrong.

And I don’t mean to imply that I was always on the right side… ’cause, well… you know that’s not the case.  But, here was the cool thing.  When I was out doing the wrong thing… I knew full well that it was the wrong thing.

And I’m thankful for that.

I suppose it’s just possible that maybe my dad didn’t always do the right thing either (though don’t quote me on that). Oh, what the heck… go ahead and quote.  It’s now out on the Internet for Pete’s sake!


I am also thankful for the support.

I was speaking with several young guys the other day who were seeking advice about going into business for themselves. It is little surprise that I strongly encouraged them to do so… even if they only started part-time.

I listened intently as they described their vision for their business… and their lives. Each has a young family… and believe it or not… they would actually like to provide them with more than what their current position will supply. 

Imagine that.

As they described their goals and dreams for their families and their finances, I asked three simple questions to help them clarify their choices.

One, what are the chances of achieving those goals and dreams if they stay in their current position?

Answer… Zero.

Two, how would they explain to their children some day that they once had an extraordinary opportunity but just didn’t pursue it?

Answer… Unthinkable.

And third, what was stopping them from beginning this wonderful journey today?

Answer… Their fathers.

Wow… I thought… their dads.


Thanks dad… for never holding me back. Thanks for supporting me with your love… your encouragement… your prayers… and yes, even sometimes… your finances.

(Remember… I have ALWAYS paid you back!!)

And to ALL of you out there who are now a dad… (or… who have or ever have had a dad!), I wish you an incredible Father’s Day, 2009… and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



How supportive is or was your dad in encouraging you to follow your dream… even when it bucked the status quo?

If you are a dad, when was the last time you sat down with your kids (even now grown kids), and asked how you might help to forward THEIR vision?

What’s keeping you from making the call right now?


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