Twitter Me This…


So, I was speaking with some friends over the weekend who got on the subject of Social Media in general, and Twitter in particular.

After a few minutes, one of them asked how on earth you could have any reasonable interaction in less than 240 characters.

Total waste of time, said he.

Of course, for those of us who spend any time at all with Twitter, we’d probably love 240 characters… since the limit is 100 less than that.

Then again, I’m thinking 140 may be just about right… after all, it HAS taught me to use the English language much more creatively at times!

That said, what about my friends point that you could not expect to build relationships in such a medium, and specifically that no decent friendships or business associations could be developed there.

Well, I suggested he would need to tell that to all the kind people I’ve met in Italy, England, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, UAE, Algeria, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and all fifty states.

Oh… and Nigeria.

Yes, Nigeria… and no, I can’t believe you asked that… my friends there DID NOT contact me by e-mail to let me know they needed my help to distribute 18.7 million dollars, since they had no heirs in their home country!

Geez, you are REALLY somethin’.


Anyway, I’m thinking about the great explanation that Shel Israel provided in his book, Twitterville, in which he compares Twitter conversations to the small talk that ALL relationships begin with… business or personal.

Though I lent his book to a friend… it goes something like this.

You would never meet a potential customer (or spouse) for the first time and demand some incredibly deep conversation or commitment right out of the gate.

Well, you might… but you’ll probably spend the big dance alone!

No, you would start with pleasantries… all which fit nicely, believe it or not, inside of 140 characters!

“So, did you grow up in this area?”
“How’d you get started in business?”
“Do you guys have kids?”
“By chance, did you go to the game this weekend?”

Or, if you live in Green Bay… “How ’bout them Packers… eh!”

Sorry, I digress… I just throw that out for my friends in California! BTW, just so you know… it’s really more about Brett Favre and the 10 and 1 Vikings this year anyway, which I must admit… I think is pretty cool!



So, here’s the thing.

If we treat people well… if we engage… if we DON’T SPAM!!!… people may get to know us. Heck, they may even get to like us… and then we have the opportunity to move the relationship further.

Maybe e-mail… then Skype or other IM… then, who knows.

If there is a basis for a friendship, business relationship, or more… you’ll likely find out. Just ask my friends Mike and Linda… more recently known as Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Linda!

So begin.

If you don’t already have an account, get one here. Then swing over to and click “Follow”… I WILL follow you back, and we’ll go from there with mutual respect.

Until then, I wish you incredible success in all your relationships… online… and off!



What other medium can you use to connect with wonderful people anywhere in the world for the cost of, well… nothing?

Is there any reason not to reach out to others… to encourage… engage… uplift… or just add to the conversation?

Is there a GOOD reason?


I look forward to hearing from you!


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