We All Want To Be Loved… Part I


We all want to be loved.

And not just that, most of us also want to be noticed, appreciated, sought-after, respected, and… valued.

Yes, valued. We want to know that we bring something to the table… that we are making a difference and impact.

And one of the ways we do that is to give of ourselves, through acts of service… by sharing our time and influence… and our ideas.

Yes, we want to know that our ideas are valuable… that we can change and improve circumstances just by the way we think.

So imagine brainstorming a solution to whatever needs a solution that day… clarifying and organizing your thoughts completely… outlining your arguments and tracking the entire concept through to a logical and powerful conclusion… and then publishing your recommendations on your new blog that, as far as you can tell…

No one else is reading.


Now I just checked and, as of today, this site is read by thousands of wonderful people in 63 countries… but it wasn’t always so.

In fact, the scenario I described above… you know, the one where no one is reading… was pretty accurate as to how it was when I started out just a year or so ago.

Okay, so before we move on, and in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, I must admit that I have never had ZERO readership… on the contrary, I have always been able to count on my wife and daughter!

But, alas… I digress.

In any event, over the next few weeks we’ll spend a fair amount of time speaking about some options you have in engaging others in online conversations… whether that be through your social networks or video channels, your blogs or podcasts, Internet Talk Radio Networks, or any of a zillion applications for e-mail or online newsletters.

In fact, it was a series of discussions last week about how to improve the Open and Read Rates on Corporate Newsletters that prompted my thoughts here tonight.

So tune in next time… or subscribe over on the right…and we’ll see about doubling your industry’s average on your next mailing!

Until then, I look forward to speaking with you!


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