We Need YOUR Ideas… Part II


Okay, so return with me now, to those thrilling days of… well, return with me to the last post anyway!

I was having a discussion with a friend who had decided to begin writing and publishing online.

He had already purchased a domain and downloaded the files from wordpress.org… but two issues were really holding him up.

The first— that of who would read his articles— was pretty simple to get past. With just a few questions and a little encouragement on my part, it literally took him about 90 seconds to see that he would be way better off by putting his thoughts to paper (or the keyboard!)… even if no one else ever read them!

And of course… that would never happen anyway, because I WOULD BE READING THEM!! “Further,” I told him, “if you’re really nice… I bet that one day, we could even interest your wife and kids!”

He agreed. So what about issue number two?


Well as it turned out, the answer to the second question— that of WHAT the content might look like— turned out to be as easy as the first!

“After all,” I explained, “you’re not writing for the New York Times. THANK GOD, YOU’RE NOT WRITING FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES!! On the contrary, you are going to write something that people are actually interested in reading!!!”

Need proof… find something in America that is falling farther and faster than newspaper circulation and subscription rates!!

But alas, I digress.

We live in a world of information and ideas, where technology has brought us all just a little closer together, able to reach out to help and impact and influence people and situations that were impossibly remote just a few short years ago.

“There’s just one little thing missing,” I told my friend, “and that’s your perspective. We need your ideas— and then we’ll be complete!”


Okay… okay… I know. That wasn’t really true. Getting David’s ideas won’t make us complete. No in fact, that won’t happen until… we get YOUR IDEAS!!

Darn… I digressed again.

But relevant content really isn’t that difficult. In fact, discovering what to write is as simple as discovering a little bit of yourself.

Try this for starters.

Take any issue that matters to you, and honestly communicate your thoughts on how to improve it. That’s it— fix something— and then tell the rest of us how you did it.

Or how about this? Share a story… provide expertise… increase the knowledge base… or promote your causes.

Leave a legacy… add value.

Tell us your hopes, your dreams, your fears and your failures. Use your words to inspire our youth, encourage our weak, honor our warriors, and respect our elderly. Lift up the broken, teach the willing, and reinforce core values.

Yes, please tell us what brings laughter to your soul— or tears to your eyes? What is important to you— and why?

For WHOM do you live— and for WHAT would you die?


Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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4 thoughts on “We Need YOUR Ideas… Part II

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this! You may have inspired ME to start writing again!

  2. Thanks Coleen,

    If so, then I think there are ten thousand people or so who will be directly or indirectly touched by you. Please send me a link so I can learn from you also.

    Have a wonderful week,


  3. -Exciting days all around. I produce, write and host the best quiz show on the internet, “The 1st Question,” http://www.the1stquestion.com/ (yeah thought I would make it easy) which is an hour of celebration done double time, fast paced, fact based and we broadcast LIVE! I was tired of being dumbed down, so I created this show which celebrates human achievement,: past, present and future. We are a pretty amazing species us humans. You can catch it Tuesday nights at 10 EST / 7 PAC here http://archives.treet.tv/
    The audience is incredible and doing real time live interactive broadcasting is something I am 1000% behind, and committed to. This is The Golden Age Of The InterNet.
    -I also have a Machinima (Cinema done on machine) company and make films and videos. Some have even won awards. I would love your comments and feedback on my work. This is such an exciting time where to paraphrase DH Lawrence, we no longer “end at the Rubicon of our fingertips.” We are extending into other peoples hearts and minds, no longer content to just be passively entertained, we now seek active engagement. It’s stunning to be here, now.
    -Thank you Steve for making me laugh this morning with your comment about a cluttered desk – Just loved that, and might use it (& Quote you of course) for the show next week. And thank you for asking this Question too.

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