What Did You Expect..? Part I


I just got off the phone with an old friend who is stuck in his career.

It seems he had read all the signs correctly over the past three years, and predicted with almost exact precision the situation he is in today. 

In other words, he’s right about where he expected to be.

But here’s his real trouble… I asked where he expects to be next year at this time, if… he doesn’t change anything.

Answer… worse off than today.


If you’re not satisfied with the current track, then it may be time to change the expectations… for your work… for your finances… for your health… for your family… for your dreams… for your hobbies… for your community… for our country… for your missions and purpose and reasons for living.

Yes… it is time for change.

The kind of change that begins inside with leadership… and character… and accountability… and dedication… and honor… and respect. Change that involves encouragement… and bold action in the face of every threat or obstacle or fear. These are the traits and activities that change the status quo, and… the expected outcomes.

It turns out that people tend to live right about at the level they always thought they would. It’s where my friend is right now… it’s where I am… and it’s likely where you are also.

After all… what did you expect?


Photo Credit:

Lachlan Hardy