What To Do Now… Part I


We’ve spoken before about the phenomena of events happening in waves.

Often, this takes place in the form of conversations about what is going on in people’s lives, and this was one of those weeks.

Now, it’s no secret to me that a good part of this has to do with the fact that many of us are going through the same stuff right now… what I DON’T GET is why it seems to all come out PUBLICLY at the same time!

For example, in one span of 24 hours this week… I had three TOTALLY UNRELATED people connect with me who all had the same basic message, which happened to be a message that I DON’T AGREE WITH.

The route to success, THEY SAID, is not to do what you love… but to find a hot niche and get involved because that’s what is working right now. Said one, “I don’t do what I do because I like doing it… I do it because it works.”

Sorry, I disagree.

In fact, these conversations led me to think about their statements and over the next day I thought of the MANY reasons why I DISAGREED with them, beginning with the fact that none of these individuals possessed the type of joy and contentment in their lives that I believe are components of a life of success on one level… or certainly of SIGNIFICANCE on another!

After all, a life of true significance… as defined by the positive impact we have in the lives of others… will lead to much greater happiness overall in our own lives also.

It is also interesting that with the exception of one individual who had acquired a fairly sizable financial portfolio… the others who gave me the “do it because it works… not because you love it” speech, didn’t really seem to be doing what was working very well.

And I think maybe, just maybe… it’s because… they don’t love it.




Do you spend the majority of EVERY DAY doing what you love?

If you did not get paid, would you continue to do it anyway? Do we need to be paid to do what we love? Do we need to be paid to spend time with, or invest in, the people we love?

Have you gone as far as you can in the particular game you are playing? If so… what is next, how will you grow and how will you make a difference for others?

If you feel stuck, who or what resources can you learn from? What is your plan? Is the plan in writing? Does the plan have an element of accountability to other people? Can those people explain your plan easily?


I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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