Who Needs A Coach Anyway?


For the second time in as many months I have hired a coach, and I am quite close to bringing on a third.

Three coaches! What does anyone need with three coaches, you say.

Pretty simple, really.

When it comes to coaching, I like a fair amount of specialization.

So a month ago, I made the first of four significant payments toward coaching services that will begin in February and that I expect will profoundly affect various outcomes and success in my business and financial life.

Then earlier today, I came to agreement with an individual who I believe will absolutely help me improve my physical life and conditioning beginning in January, and finally… I am speaking regularly with a leadership coach who has shown a willingness to help me grow my personal and spiritual relationships.

You see, in each case, some introspection led me to believe that I need to move. Yes, in fact, I need to make several major moves and I need to make those moves with purpose and passion and vision and… with the help of others.

Who needs a coach, you ask?
Well, it turns out… just about everyone.


Since 1987, I have been Blessed to serve as President and CEO to fourteen thousand employees from countless and diverse industries and backgrounds.

Along the way, I suppose I have counseled hundreds of them on one topic or another, often sharing in absolute joys of life with some while simultaneously trying to make sense of literal tragedies with others.

I have also coached scores of real players to aim higher than they thought reasonable… and to accomplish more than they thought possible.

And during this time, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to mentor a handful of true superstars.

But here’s the important part.

I could never have done any of those without wonderful people who gave selflessly to pour light and life and energy into me… and who saw in me what even I could not see.

So who needs a coach, you ask?
Well, just about everyone.
And for sure… the coach.


I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Photo Credit:

The Wandering Angel