Are You Competent..? Part II


I hadn’t really planned on making this a two-part post. 

When I wrote “Are You Competent..?” a few days ago, about a conversation I had with a family friend who was really struggling… I felt I had said, what needed to be said… at least for now.

And then today, I got the call.  “What call..?” you ask.

The call that said everything… YES, EVERYTHING… had changed since our talk the other day.  Everything, as in new life plan… new health plan… new business plan.

Oh yeah… and a real change in attitude and outlook.

Of course, those emotions must now be sustained… but oh my… is she ever off to a good start!


As we discussed in the earlier article… competence can really hang us up. When we feel the need to be highly competent at everthing we do… we often limit the number of activities that we will pursue.

We ONLY ATTEMPT those which we are CERTAIN to do with near perfection.

Problem is… most goals that are BIG ENOUGH to be WORTHY of our time, focus and energy cannot be accomplished without going through a fair amount of personal growth… a steep learning curve… or some serious testing of our metal.

And “near perfection” doesn’t live there… yet.

When we stick to the stuff that we’re already good at… we sacrifice our ability to improve other skills that are critically important to the overall success of our idea or venture. Yes, we sacrifice the goal itself.


And that is what’s so cool about what our friend did.

In seventy-two hours… she accomplished a vitally important step… an integral piece of a much bigger goal… that had been languishing undone… for months.

More importantly… it set off a chain reaction of opportunities that would have passed unnoticed from the viewpoint she held just days earlier.

Very cool indeed.


I look forward to speaking with you.



What opportunities might we find hiding in plain sight… when we finally agree to do, what we have been unwilling to do?

What can you do by next Monday to move the dial on a stuck goal?

Will you do it?


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