Is Bigger Always Better…? Part II

Alligator Head

I know that for some people, bigger everything is always better… “Mr. Buelow, for an extra 29 cents…
I can give you the 128 ounce Huge Gulp Mega Gut ‘diet’ soda.”

No thanks.

Please understand, I’m not against everything ‘big’; it’s just that I don’t get all status-ee about big business.

Yes, bigger can be better… but it is not necessarily so. Bigger certainly doesn’t make you more flexible… nor does it mean you will make more money. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t guarantee a big payoff or sale down the road either.

Give me the choice between a smokin’ hot small business with an incredible reputation and cash flow to match… verses a cumbersome, struggling, cash poor giant with labor issues… well, it’s ridiculous isn’t it… there is no choice.

Now to be sure, that is not to say that all small businesses are a barrel of fun, or profit machines for that matter. Similarly, all big corporations are not lethargic bureaucracies. But I believe to my core, and I always will, that your family’s best interest will consistently be at the forefront of your thoughts and decision making processes when you are the one in charge.


I see where a caravan of auto industry exec’s drove from Detroit to D.C. last night. It might just be me but, more and more, it seems that putting your family’s financial future in the hands of the giants… once considered the “safe” route… may just be the riskiest thing you can do.


For consideration:

No one can provide for your family like you can.

No one can stop you from going into business for yourself.


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