Thou Shalt Not Be An Idiot… :)


Don’t mean to get all heavy on you here, and maybe it’s just me (though I doubt it)… but in speaking with people about life decisions, I often hear the request, “If you think about it later, pray for us that… [whatever the issue happens to be]”.

My response is always the same, “Okay, well let’s just take care of that now then…, ” and I begin.

No big deal… no incantations… no craziness.

Now, of course, it seems to be especially common when there is a serious relationship or health issue at stake… but nearly every week it also comes up in conversations regarding the mundane and ordinary.

You know, the stuff that probably falls under freewill as opposed to God’s Will, but I digress.

For example, earlier today, and yes… I did clear this with her… a friend was very concerned about a possible career move and was fairly wound up about it. Not wound up about the job change, mind you… but wound up about whether the job change was “in God’s Will”.

“It’s just so hard to know,” she said.

I disagreed.

You see, I’m no preacher (tho’ my dad is), but the way I got it figured is that God’s Will is actually pretty easy to sort out. Love Him… love others… be content… and whatever it is we’re doing, don’t be an idiot.

Well, that last part is really my translation… as far as I know, the word “idiot” doesn’t appear in Scripture. However, it does say to do whatever we’re doing to His Glory, so I think that “don’t be an idiot” actually works 🙂


So in the last few months, I’ve been asked to pray for all sorts of stuff from what college to attend to where to vacation in August to whether I felt God would prefer a domestic or import.

“Domestic or import…,” I asked, “Are we talking fine wine or automobiles?”

“Cars!” came the answer, “I’m buying a new car!”

Wow, I had finally figured out what the WWJD bracelet meant… literally,
“What Would Jesus Drive?” 🙂

Reminds me of the story of the kid whose dad tells him to get his hair cut before he can get his driver’s license. The son tells his father that Jesus had long hair and he wants to be more like him, to which the dad replies, “Yes Son, and if you read a little further you’ll find out that Jesus walked everywhere!”

Hmm… so just what would Jesus drive? Hard to know, I told my friend, but given the choice (and he definitely would have the choice)… I’m thinking BMW.

Of course, it is very possible that many of these material desires and decisions may not really concern God at all. What car to drive… what job to take… what team really has His Favor?

Then again, with all due respect to my friends in Minneapolis, Chicago and Dallas, we kinda know, don’t we… that the streets of Heaven are paved with Green And Gold


I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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2 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Be An Idiot… :)

  1. Love this post, the way you simplify that makes perfect sense, some people just make things more complicated than they need to be.

  2. Thanks Ruby – and you’re right, of course. Unfortunately, I think maybe some people have a stake in keeping things complicated.

    Thrilled to see you here! – Steve

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