Hey… How Have You Been?


Several weeks ago, I suddenly received an e-mail from a old friend that has spent most of the last two decades either on the west coast or in Europe. I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve seen each other during those years.

Randy’s back in the U.S., living less than thirty minutes from Chicago’s northwest suburbs… a piece of cake drive for me any day of the week. When we spoke by phone, it was as if no time had passed at all.


Last week, I received a message from my college roommate. I haven’t seen him since he moved back to the Twin Cities twenty-eight years ago. Chris is looking to start a business (fire his boss, is how he described it), and was searching the web for resources when he ran across my site. We spoke a few days ago, and will get together at the beginning of next month.

Interesting… everything about our lives has changed since we last spoke… yet we grew in sync. We share the same views and values on family, politics, free enterprise, and a whole lot more. Incredible.


Earlier today I spoke with a local businessman that I haven’t seen since 2001. He was a trusted part of my marketing team in the past… a man of high integrity who I have recommended countless times over the years.

For the first time in a long time, I am in need of the services that his firm offers, and have seventy-eight different ways I could go… actually seventy-eight million on the google search that I just did. The truth is, though, the only reason I went on the web this morning was to get his phone number and new address.

You see, Jim already has my business… he’s had it since the very first project we did together.



Relationships are everything… in business and in life.

If your products are good… and your sales are not… fix your relationships.

If you’re wealthy… but not happy… fix your relationships.


I look forward to speaking with you .


Photo Credit:

jonboy mitchell