If At First You Don’t Succeed… Surprise. Part I


Like you, I’ve been to countless business seminars and trainings over the years. Some have been terrific, even life changing… others have been, well… let’s just say “instructive”.

You see, even at the worst presentations with the most boring, inept, or unprepared presenters… yes, even sitting through 87 Powerpoint slides that are read verbatim… there are takeaways.

And even more so when I find myself disagreeing wholeheartedly with the concepts, principles, or practices that form the foundation of the teaching!

Yes, sometimes by listening to an expert tell me WHAT to do… I learn exactly WHAT NOT to do!

Many years ago, I was at a coaching seminar when the trainer made the comment that being a coach is relatively simple. Yes, he said as he smiled, most people just need “a pat on the back” or “a kick in the rear” to keep them going. And that, he said, was the goal… just keep them going.

When all progress stopped, he continued, it was the coaches job to encourage them and send them on their way… head down… recommitted… to try, try again.

Nine words will allow you to recharge most anyone, he said… get these down. “You’re doin’ great… just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.”

Uh… I thought… did I pay for this?

And while I generally couldn’t have disagreed with him more, there was one bright spot… at least he WASN’T coaching me!


This past February, after investing considerable time and energy with some of my favorite people in the whole world, we launched The Real Life Radio Network out of Dallas/Fort Worth.

It’s vision?

To create meaningful change. To develop positive and effective mentoring relationships. To achieve lasting transformation. To challenge every listener and every member to conduct their own personal search and destroy mission, to eradicate false ideas and misplaced anger and blame that are holding them from impacting others and reaching their true potential.

And now suddenly, I have… a radio show.

I’ve never had a radio show before… in fact, before I did my first program my entire radio experience was just nine seconds long! Yes, one well placed, semi-articulate question on a regional broadcast several years earlier!

So I went and did what any guy would do in that position…

And no… I didn’t run right out and make a complete fool of myself on the international airwaves… geez, I can’t believe you even said that!

I went… and got… myself… a coach.


And tomorrow you’ll meet Dave and hear the rest of the story!


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