Not Rocket Science, Just Marketing… Part I


Rebecca is a dance instructor who helps people live again. There… how’s that for an introduction!

When we met last week, she was talking about taking some time off… maybe she and her husband will travel some, and she’s planning on investing a good deal of effort on creating a marketing plan for her business over the next few months.

Now please understand, she IS NOT a client; just a new friend… kinda like many of you.

And while we spent only a few minutes together, I believe that, more than likely, she’s in a situation where an additional 35 or 40 new clients twice a week wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Again, maybe like many of you.

So I offered to put together a few thoughts that might prove helpful as she began her work. And then, a funny thing happened. As I began writing her a letter, I received two calls that asked for guidance on where to begin similar projects.

Might I be willing to just help them with a few rules of thumb to get them started. Yeah, it turns out… I am. After all, this isn’t rocket science… it’s just marketing.

The following morning, I left early for a whirlwind 210 mile trip into the Chicago area and then back again a few hours later. Normally, that is something I would have handled online, but alas… this one required face to face.

And wouldn’t you know… while I was there, I met several individuals who are looking to put together… guess what, a marketing plan focused on New Media.

Coincidence… ? I think not.

The most encouraging piece of each story was that these small business leaders are becoming intensely engaged right now. Back in August, I wrote in an article called Beat The Rush that the people who would nail their goals in the coming year were the ones who were already working on them.

That’s still good advice… though time is getting short.

So, in the interest of planting a few seeds… and offering a foundation on which to build a strong 2010, over the next few days I will simply publish the letter I began writing to my new friend.

And if any of the ideas are useful to you… I guess we’re all a little better off. In fact, I hope you take them… make them your own…. and then give them away to somebody else. And then, my friends… I hope your generosity returns to you one hundred-fold.

Not that we ever give to get, of course, but it seems that you can’t help others in this world… without some of it coming back.

That’s just how it tends to work here. Sow and reap… plant and harvest.

What goes around… well, you know.


I look forward to speaking with you.



What one thing could you do for someone this weekend that they would never expect, and for which they could not pay you back?

What resources would need to be organized, and would you need to include others?

Will you do it?


Photo Credit:

Elmo Alves