Seeing Opportunity… Part II


I once read a study that claimed that in the course of every human life there are two or three absolute game-changing… life-altering moments that could radically and positively transform that person’s existence from the ordinary… to the extraordinary.

In every life? Yeah… pretty much.

Somewhere, somehow, people have figured out how to take the right population sample and the right questions and come up with these survey results that, remarkably enough, seem to stand on their own.

These are very different from the admittedly informal (and sometimes bias) surveys that I conduct from time to time… you know, where I ask the next five people I see the same question and then extrapolate the results over the entire population…

But I digress.

So back to this study. It doesn’t matter, they said… your race, creed, or economic strata. Nor does it matter if you drive a Porsche or a Plymouth, or live in the suburbs, the inner city, or the plains of the Serengeti… during the span of years, several crossroads will be reached… and the right decision could change everything.



It is interesting to note that there was one main common denominator in every situation. At the crossroad… in the middle of the opportunity, there was… another human being.

Imagine that.

People… involved with other people… creating opportunity. You see, it is impossible for us to grow without opening the door for others to grow also. In fact, I can trace every good thing that has happened to me… every grand and glorious opportunity… to my interaction with other people.

A parent… a teacher… a mentor or preacher. A friend or neighbor, my wife or daughter.

Even total strangers.

I’ve had bosses who taught me… authors who inspired me… coaches who drove me beyond anything I thought I could ever accomplish. And the desire and ability and passion that was sown into me by others showed up… at each crossroad.

“Now wait a minute, Steve… your describing many crossroads… many opportunities… and the survey spoke of only two or three game-changers in a lifetime.”

I know, I know. I didn’t say I agreed with all their conclusions… because I don’t. In fact, I actually believe that opportunity is waiting around virtually every corner.

Every corner? Yeah… pretty much.


One final piece.

The study concluded that when arriving at the crossroad… at the critical moment of opportunity… over half didn’t recognize that that’s where they were. They stood face-to-face with their future, and could not see the possibilities that were in front of them.

But here is what’s REALLY sad.

Of the remainder… of those who recognized the opportunity… most were too afraid to proceed. The solution to their problem… the answer to their prayer… was knocking at the door, and fear kept them from answering.

And that leaves me wondering…



Who has come into your life recently, and what are the chances they are part of the answer you are seeking?

How many opportunities have gone to someone else… simply because you didn’t take the time to speak with someone who was put in your path?

What happened the last time you were at a life-changing crossroad? Would you be in a better or worse place had you taken the other path?

What is the number one change you would like to make in your life right now?

Do you know who could help you? Are you prepared? Scared?

What opportunities are you creating for others right now?

Can they see them?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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