Simple Things… Part I


Sometimes the most seemingly uneventful circumstances can lead to some very profound insights.

Such was the case recently as I found myself in a relatively new Starbucks location in a city on the southern border of my own.

Now, I must say that searching for good java is nothing new in my life. Kind of a daily routine for many years; actually, several decades if the truth be known… and on any given day I turn my car in the direction of one or more great coffee houses.

So a week ago Tuesday evening, after a day that included a fair amount of travel, I got off the highway a few exits early deciding to refresh before arriving home. As for Starbucks, they are certainly no longer the only game in any town, but the quality and service are fairly predictable and I had the taste for a familiar brand.

Walking through the door I was immediately met with the truth that this was a college and business hub… much more crowded than several other locations in the area. The place was buzzing, and the young gal was definitely multitasking as she took my order for a Venti Americano.

Efficient and friendly to be sure. And ordinary… at least until the following day.


Twenty-four hours later, as my wife was about to head out to run a number of errands, I had just finished a conference call and it seemed that the timing was perfect to hang out together… maybe do some shopping and talk about a few really cool new developments.

And, wouldn’t you know it… it just so happened that she was going to be across the street from the coffee shop I had visited the night before…

No coincidence there, I’m sure.

But more importantly, it meant that I would hardly be missed if I disappeared for a few minutes to grab some jo-to-go… and that’s exactly what I did!

So, as I walked through the door… I’m greeted by the same young woman from the previous evening who says, “Hi there, can I get you started with a Venti Americano?”

“Why, yes…” I said, “that would be terrific!”

But what was REALLY terrific was the fact that she led with this at all. Remember, this was only the second time I had ever been there and the place was hopping with customers and drive-thru traffic both times.

I thanked her and was on my way.

Now, you’ve likely guessed that’s not the end of the story, for the real lesson was yet to come. We’ll talk about that next time, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Photo Credit:

D3 San Francisco