Teams and Choices… Part 2

Strong Team

As you know, I love sports analogies.

Especially at the Olympic and professional levels where the physical attributes of the athletes are often remarkably close, the slight edge often goes to the those who are better prepared mentally or emotionally.

Those are the qualities that are reinforced and instilled by exceptional coaching – the inner qualities that make the individual and the team strong.

And quite simply, more often than not, strong teams beat weak teams. This is true on the field, in the gym, at the office, or corporate boardroom.

The greatest players typically can’t turn around a team with inept or marginal coaches. The most competent employees won’t likely save a company with ineffectual, disconnected, or unethical leadership.

Weak teams in any industry make even the greatest players look pretty average, and bad companies ruin the reputations of those who represent them.

When choosing your teams, it is best to choose wisely.


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Team Traveller