Time Flies… Part 1


Sometimes time just flies, and other times… IT REALLY FLIES!!

Maybe you’ve experienced it, you know… where you just can’t believe weeks or months have passed because events LITERALLY feel like they happened yesterday.

A friend and I were talking about that phenomenon awhile back and we came to several conclusions about why we sense such things. The most simple explanation seemed to be one that just makes sense from a perceptual point of view.

The idea is that time, relative to our entire life, actually IS speeding up. I learned this from my grandmother when I was just a boy. At the time, she was seventy-two years old and I was seven, and we happened to be remembering an event that had taken place about a year earlier.

Suddenly, she exclaimed something to the effect of, “I can’t believe that was last year already… it seems like only yesterday!!”

I don’t remember encyclopedia volumes of information about that time of my life, but I do recall being puzzled by her comments. After all, that year certainly seemed like a VERY LONG TIME to me.

Only later did I figure out why.

You see, at that point in time, seven years was an ENTIRE LIFETIME for me… and that year literally represented 1/7 of an entire life… mine. For my grandma, however, that year was perceived as a far smaller number, representing a mere 1/72 of her life.

In the end, she would be Blessed to have a year take up just 1/92 of her time here. What a lovely, kind and beautiful lady, but ahem…

Back to the point of this article… you have your own grandma stories to tell 🙂

I have just experienced a couple of weeks that really seems like just a few days… and it’s not because I’m 72 or 92 years old!! No, I believe there are other factors at play here… factors I’ll explore further tomorrow!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Photo Credit:

Nathan Eal Photography