What To Do Now… Part IV


We’re going to talk about a couple of keys today. Small keys to success… or failure.

In the last article I let you in on a conversation I had with an individual who was clearly NOT living his dream. And there were several key reasons why.

They came in the form of little “buts”, thrown in at the end of nearly every sentence, such as:

“I always wanted to, BUT…”,
“I know I’d be happier, BUT…”
“I really enjoy the entire process, BUT…”

I must tell you that growing up, that word never flew far with my mom and dad, though I admit I used it on more occasions than I could likely count. “I tried, I tried, I really did, BUT…”

“But nothing…”, was usually the response.


The more troubling part of the discussion for me, however, was not just the “BUTS“. Those are usually fairly easy to work with, if only we’re willing to search for solutions.

No, what’s troubling is when we stop searching altogether… when we latch onto a single option like it’s the only one. In this case, you’ll remember my friend’s statement about “The ONLY other thing I could do is…”.

“The ONLY other thing…”. Hmm. It was time to change things up, so I asked three simple questions.

One, “Are you as GOOD at what you do as you say you are?”
Two, “Do you LOVE it as much as you say you do?”
And three, “Are you WILLING to share it with others?”

(In my friends case, “IT” being helping others make up to $45k a year additional income in a down economy. Methinks he’ll find some interest.)

Oh, yes… and a question number four, just for good measure… “Have you ever heard of the Internet?”


Never before in the history of world has it been so easy to do what you love, study what you love, become an expert in what you love, and connect with a handful (a few hundred or few thousand) out of the MILLIONS of others who are SEARCHING for help with what you love!

Short outline… back of napkin. Ten minutes.

And here is the beauty… your situation and my situation and those of your friends, brother, mother, cousin and sister are no different.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



What do you LOVE to do?
Are you WILLING to share your insights with others?
Will you START today?


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