What’s Important…? Part I


It’s important to know what’s important.

Hey, I rather like that line… it sorta reminds me of the motivational comments I used to memorize like, “Be sure to keep the main thing, the main thing…”, “Be passionate about what you’re passionate about…”, or “If nothing changes… nothing changes.”

Oh, and I can’t forget this gem from that great philosopher of my youth, the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, who said, “A job that is not done well, is not a well done job!”

Sorry… I digress.

But it is important, to know what’s important… though it really does depend on who you ask.


I was speaking to a friend who confided she was dealing with writer’s block, and I suggested she find an issue that was really important to her. Knowing that we tend to spend our resources, and particularly our money and our time, on things we value… I thought I’d ask a few questions.

“So, let’s just say I gave you one hundred thousand dollars, with three stipulations”, I said. “First, you can’t buy anything for yourself… second, you can’t use it to pay debt… and third, you must give it away within twenty-four hours.”

Without hesitation, she stated it wouldn’t take three hours!

“There are two women’s shelters in this county, and I would give each one thirty thousand. Next I would give twenty grand to this legal advocacy service over here that helps women who are victims of domestic violence… and finally, I can think of two broken families from my church who I’d give ten thousand apiece just to send them to Disney or something.”

Done… and with plenty of time to spare!

I doubt if it was any more difficult for you, than it was for me, to catch a common thread of passion… an insight into her world about what is important to her.


I figured I’d present the same scenario to the next person I saw… it’s just a quirky thing with me sometimes, but I really like knowing how and what people think.

So, the next guy I saw, I said, “So, let’s just say I gave you one hundred thousand dollars… “…

“I’d buy me a new boat…”, came the response.

Wow, that was quick… remember, you can always tell what’s important to people by how they allocate their resources!

In any event, I went on to explain the three criteria, you know… you can’t buy anything for yourself… you can’t use it to pay debt… and you must give it away within twenty-four hours.”

He thought for a minute, and then shook his head…, “Well, I guess then I’d buy my brother a boat… he needs a new boat.”


I look forward to speaking with you soon.



What would you do with one hundred thousand dollars, if you couldn’t use it for yourself, and it had to be gone by tomorrow?

Is it real to you? Is it important? Is it a vision?

Who could you speak with between now and Monday to verbalize your desire?


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