What Are You (really) Working For? Part III


Okay, so what ARE we really working for?

And for those of us who have often put in marathon sessions, working weeks or even months without a day off… here’s maybe a better question:

What are we really working SO HARD for?

These are important questions, but before I take them up… I want to get to a message that was left through my “Contact” page, because it really makes the point regarding the second question above.


David writes… “In your post titled ‘What Are You (really) Working For? Part I’ you mentioned working 80 hour weeks, and then later in the same post you talk about 14 hour days.”

“I wasn’t a math major, but 14 hours x 5 days per week is only 70 hours – not 80 – just had to point that out! Anyway, love your stuff – very inspiring!”

Now David… I appreciate you reaching out because it shows you’re thinking… and yes, the way you did your math, your answer is correct… 14 hours x 5 days a week is 70 hours.

That said, a quick reread of Part I will lead to one other question, which is: “Who said anything about working ONLY five days per week?”

I’m not sure that ever crossed my mind… at least not back then! But thanks, friend… really.


So, then… what in the world was I doing it for, and what was that other wake up call? Those answers and more… tomorrow!


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