Ask and You Will Receive… Part 3


Okay, so let’s set this up.

I had just left one appointment last week and was on my way to another. My mind was full of optimism as I considered the possibilities of what was just laid at my feet, and my spirit was full of thankfulness as I, well…

Considered the possibilities of what was just laid at my feet.

The next few hours were going to be wall-to-wall… so I picked up my phone. Here’s what I was thinking:

I really should call Dr. Patti…
She could have such an impact in this Vision…
No, on second thought I REALLY should call my wife.
Snap decision… I called my prospective team member.

Truth is, the traffic was heavy… there were sirens somewhere… I really knew better…
I SHOULD NOT have been on the phone at all.

Thought I’d throw in that additional lesson for those who have ears to hear.


Remember, the purpose of the call is to ask questions which clarify, qualify or build rapport. Did I mention I shouldn’t have been on the phone at all?

Just checking ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s how it went.

I called.
The good doctor answered.

Just as she was suggesting that I call again “sometime” next week, the flashing lights were now coming closer as I pulled over to let the State Trooper pass.

Yes, okay I responded… “sometime” next week.

I did say I shouldn’t have been on the phone, right?
Scattered attention… lack of preparation… I clarified nothing.


Now compare.

Two days earlier, I received a call from a terrific gentleman who retired a few years ago and is looking to do anything to avoid being “done”.

He’s aware of a Harvard Medical breakthrough and some proprietary technology we’ve got our hands on and wants to know more. Actually, he wants a piece of it and I don’t blame him. Further, he’s decided that he’s going to make an impact, if he has anything to say about it… which, of course, he does.

“So, I’m interested to learn more about…”, he said.

At which point I could have begun a ninety-five minute monologue on the science that led up to this discovery followed by another hour and a half or so about where we are headed in the first and second quarter of this year.

And I suppose I could still be talking about the international and charitable aspects we’ll be supporting with the Mission…

But I didn’t.
Instead I clarified… I asked a question.

“Jim,” I said, “There are so many great resources I could share. Specifically, in what aspect are you most interested?”

“Well, I guess I’m interested to know how a guy could get a territory. I believe I could really sell this.”


Now, two points.

First, knowing what I know today, I can tell you that there is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind whatsoever that he is correct. Yes, Jim CAN sell this, and I believe he will help a ton of people and be compensated quite well in the process.

Second, had I not asked a very specific question to clarify the situation, I could have prattled on for a week and a half about every feature and benefit that was most important in MY MIND and I would have missed the one and only thing that mattered most…

…and that is, what was most important in HIS MIND.


Yes… ask, and you shall receive ๐Ÿ™‚
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Photo Credit:

Victor Bezrukov

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